Enhanced Brand Protection

Domains Protected Marks List programs, DPMLTM and DPML PlusTM, offer cost-effective solutions that protect your brand’s trademarks, prevent cybersquatting and ensure that your domains are available for future use. With DPML and DPML Plus, you can easily and affordably block registrations of validated trademarks without requiring defensive purchases in each of Donuts’ 238 top-level domains (TLDs).

Our DPML programs’ benefits are:

Expansive: Allows brand owners to protect more than just exact-match trademarks across Donuts TLDs with our enhanced coverage.

Easy: Protect your brand’s trademark term in as many as 238 domains in a single program. Domains blocked by DPML are not active.

Versatile: Brand owners can protect terms across all Donuts TLDs for up to 10 years.

Economical: DPML subscriptions are a fraction of the cost of typical defensive registrations.


DPML Plus is a ten-year block for an exact-match, second-level domain (SLD) across all Donuts TLDs that includes—for the first time—the ability for your client to block misspells of its mark at no additional charge.

Other unique benefits include:

  • the ability to block an exact-match mark plus three additional strings that contain the mark or are misspellings of the mark
  • more than three “contains” or misspelled strings can be added for an additional fee
  • blocks for all premium second-level domains
  • blocks are not subject to overrides by other parties with the same trademark, without the consent of the applicable DPML Plus block holder
  • the ability for subscribers to submit unlimited overrides of blocked terms (for no wholesale override fee) if the mark holder elects to register and use previously blocked terms*.


  • Your client may add additional terms - over and above the three included in the DPML Plus package – for an additional fee per blocked SLD.
  • Donuts retains the right to review and approve all DPML Plus applications (e.g. registry may decline to block certain three-character and common dictionary terms).


DPML is a five-year block for an exact match second level domain (SLD) across standard-priced Donuts TLDs. DPML subscribers can submit unlimited overrides of blocked terms, without incurring additional wholesale override fees.