Investing in DNS Innovation. invests in novel business models and technologies that leverage the Domain Name System (DNS) and that drive new use cases for domain names. We look for:

  • Products or technologies that address real needs in substantial markets.
  • DNS leverage. The DNS is continuously improved by thousands of developers worldwide. Start-ups that exploit the DNS can accelerate their own development with speed, efficiency and reliability
  • Management with relevant experience and a clear-eyed understanding of the customer and product / market fit.

We Add Value.

Start-ups want to work with Donuts, because we offer them a lot more than funding:

  • DNS DNA. Donuts founders are DNS veterans and have been central to the proliferation and success of the DNS infrastructure:
  • “Been there” pragmatism. Our executive team includes four former technology CEOs with deep experience from giants such as Microsoft and Nuance Communications. As proven entrepreneurs, we know firsthand how to propel successful ideas into valuable companies.
  • Best practices. As the world’s largest registry of new top-level domains, Donuts understands the DNS infrastructure inside and out. We have experienced policy executives who work effectively with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Meet Our Portfolio.

Some of our investments include

Geo.Network, which leverages the DNS to deliver the first comprehensive platform for the registry, delivery, and management of smart geofences to pinpoint any location on Earth down to a square centimeter. Geo.Network is used to define geographic areas and control access for things such as drones for retail, military and other applications, smart home appliances and driverless cars.

Netki is a digital identity provider for blockchains and uses the domain name system (DNS) to humanize typically complex numbering mechanisms needed to exchange digital currency. Netki’s Digital Identity Certificate removes barriers to blockchain adoption by giving developers and organizations a method to privately exchange, sign and authenticate sensitive documents and identity information with legally-validated digital identity certificates. Recent news >>

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Meet Our Team.

Tim Favia, SVP Corporate Development
David Rostov, CFO
Bruce Jaffe, CEO
Paul Stahura, Co-Founder and Executive Chair