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Cookies on Donuts Sites

CookieTypeAdditional Information
Gaug.esSite Analytics
Google Tag ManagerTag Management Tool
Google AnalyticsSite Analytics
DoubleclickMarketing Performance
FacebookMktg Performance/Social
PinterestMktg Performance/Social
HubspotMktg Performance/Analytics
blinkMKTGIDMktg Performance/AnalyticsIn-cookie that generates a random ID for each visitor.
Add ThisSocial
BlueKaiAudience Building
DstilleryAudience Building
NetminingAudience Building
MediaMathAudience Building
RubiconAudience Building
AppNexusAudience Building
BomboraAudience Building
Krux DigitalAudience Building
GDPR Cookie Consent PluginCookie Consent
One TrustCookie Consenthttps://
Code IgniterAffiliate Tracking
RefersionAffiliate Tracking


Additional pixels may load via any of the cookies listed above. Please note that this list may be subject to change from time to time, depending on differing business needs. As such, we encourage you to review this list regularly to ensure you remain fully informed.  [LAST UPDATED: JUNE 2020]