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Top-Level Domain Portfolio

Donuts manages the world’s largest and most relevant portfolio of new top-level domains, offering individuals and organizations new ways to promote and enhance their true digital identities.

Our TLDs provide a wide variety of clear and meaningful domain names for use as business identifiers (such as .ltd, .company), navigation (such as .careers, .support, or .social), in large vertical markets (such as .photography, .cafe, or .games) or in versatile generics (such as .life, .world or .live).

What makes our domains stand out?


Be unique with over 240 options of descriptive domain extensions so potential clients will know precisely who you are and what you do.


Our high SEO impact domain names leverage descriptive words to send a strong signal to search engines and help you rank higher in the search results. More clicks, more leads, more customers.


TrueName domains come with an added layer of security that can help protect you from phishing attacks. You can rest assured knowing your brand identity is safe.

Our Top-Level Domains


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